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Acceleration 102: Asymmetric or Symmetric?

Date Added: Oct 2008
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The first, Acceleration 101, describes acceleration features and terms. This paper focuses on topology options for deploying acceleration features in an Application Delivery Network (ADN). Acceleration is an excellent technology for overcoming the limitations inherent in today's networks and applications. An application acceleration solution can significantly reduce application response times - improving the chances for success for application rollouts; increasing user productivity; and increasing revenues from e-commerce sites by minimizing abandoned transactions or shopping carts due to slow page loads, failed transactions, or error messages. One can deploy acceleration asymmetrically, symmetrically, or in combination. Where one deploy asymmetric and symmetric acceleration features depends largely on the geographic distribution of one organization's members and customers. Table 1 summarized the acceleration features described in the Acceleration 101 white paper ( acceleration-101-wp.pdf), and illustrates how each can be deployed in a network.