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Achieving Fair or Differentiated Cache Sharing in Power-Constrained Chip Multiprocessors

Date Added: Sep 2009
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Limiting the peak power consumption of Chip Multi Processors (CMPs) has recently received a lot of attention. In order to enable chip-level power capping, the peak power consumption of on-chip L2 caches in a CMP often needs to be constrained by dynamically transitioning selected cache banks into low-power modes. However, dynamic cache resizing for power capping may cause undesired long cache access latencies, and even thread starving and thrashing, for the applications running on the CMP. In this paper, the authors propose a novel cache management strategy that can limit the peak power consumption of L2 caches and provide fairness guarantees, such that the cache access latencies of the application threads co-scheduled on the CMP are impacted more uniformly.