Adaptive Generalized Space Shift Keying (GSSK) Modulation for MISO Channels: A New Method for High Diversity and Coding Gains

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Executive Summary

Generalized Space Shift Keying (GSSK) modulation is a recently proposed low-complexity concept for Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output (MIMO) wireless systems. GSSK modulation is a generalized version of Space Shift Keying (SSK) modulation, which provides a better spectral efficiency through multiple active antennas at the transmitter. An apparent weakness of GSSK modulation is that it does not exploit the transmit-antennas to achieve transmit-diversity. In this paper, the authors propose a precoding method for GSSK modulation, which simultaneously achieves high diversity and coding gains. The solution is based on: cophasing the active antennas of each spatial-constellation point; and properly rotating the phases among spatial-constellation points.

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