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Addressing Scaling Challenges in the Data Center: Juniper Networks Virtual Chassis Solution

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Data centers of organization today are constructed while keeping in mind the need for maximum computing, power management, and performance ability. These data centers are made using three-layer hierarchical structure. These organizations face many disputes for their data centers including scaling and operational challenges. This paper discusses how the Juniper Networks EX4200 Ethernet Switch uses Virtual Chassis technology to face and determine various challenges that are faced by data centers. It features simple network design and operation that can help in improving performance and reducing rack space. This paper also talks about solutions that are given for less power and cooling consumption rate in any small and large organization's data centers. It gives cost-effective solutions for business users with low operational, maintenance, and troubleshooting costs. The Virtual Chassis technology described in this paper is designed to reduce complexity of network and increase access flexibility. This technology improves the performance of a data center and reduces consumption of resources and energy costs. It discusses all challenges and also gives tips to improve performance and utilize resources at the maximum. The paper talks about market-leading port densities and the proven Juno Operating System, which improves the company's operational efficiencies. How organizations deal with data center challenges is what this papers talks about.