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Addressing the Hidden Challenges of Data Center Consolidation: Managing Risk and Error With an Application-Centric Approach

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Even though most IT organizations take utmost care to apply to latest techniques when it comes to consolidation of their data center, it has been noticed that they still fail to face many critical challenges associated with moving and consolidating servers and hardware like downtime, extended deadlines, budget overruns, which can be avoided through careful planning and diligent communication. This paper discusses and brings into notice the reasons why, despite of due diligence, most of the organizations find their consolidation initiatives behind schedule and over budget. It also discusses the most critical hidden challenges of data center consolidation and how can one avert the risk by utilizing best practices.Whenever an organization plans and executes a data center consolidation, they perform it purely as a physical asset move without considering how and in what way will that move affect their business and its underlying application in the long run. Under such circumstances companies are likely to experience a number of unexpected and potentially disastrous issues that will affect their business operations as well as their ability to successfully complete their initiative. In order to avoid this situation, all organizations need to do is treat data center consolidation as a migration of business operations and must address both physical assets and applications.