Admission Control and QoS for Continuous Media Displays in MANETs

Date Added: Jan 2010
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The authors consider continuous media delivery over a mobile ad-hoc network of vehicles equipped with Car-to-Car Peer-to-Peer (C2P2) devices. While the provision of high-bandwidth continuous media content with tight QoS requirements is challenging even in static networks, it is considerably more challenging when the network topology is dynamic due to node mobility. In this paper, the authors develop a unified client-centric, distributed admission control framework for such a C2P2 network. Under this framework, the authors develop several admission control strategies, namely, Server Count-based admission (SC), Server Band width based admission (SB), Path Bandwidth-based admission (PB), and finally a Mobility-based ADmission (MAD) policy, which can be further enhanced using a second-level sampling-based admission policy. The authors also develop QoS utility models to quantify the performance of these policies.