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Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro 7.5 and VMware ESX Server: Reaping the Benefits of Live Web Conferencing and Seminars in a Virtualized Environment

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Executive Summary

Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro 7.5 offers organizations a secure, intuitive, and hassle-free way to engage in live and on-demand web conferencing, web seminars, and eLearning. Acrobat Connect Pro is an ideal solution for enterprises because it offers flexible deployment options, strong security, and an architecture based on open standards. To extend the benefits of Acrobat Connect Pro to customers with virtualized server architectures, Adobe tested the application running VMware ESX Server to determine the application's performance in a virtual environment. The tested configurations include a single application server setup that supports up to 500 concurrent users and a clustered three-server setup that supports up to 500 concurrent users per server. Each configuration uses a dedicated virtualized database.

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