Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro 7.5 and VMware ESX Server

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Executive Summary

The Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro 7.5 is the perfect tool for engaging in live eLearning, webinars and web conferencing. A secure application, it offers highly adaptable deployment options with open architecture that can be easily integrated with other applications. Adobe has tested the Acrobat Connect Pro with VMware ESX Server to offer viable and essential server architecture. The set up was a single server application to support up to 500 users concurrently as well as a 3 server setup to support up to 500 concurrent users per server. These tests showed that Acrobat Connect Pro 7.5 had on par performance with similar physical installations and had no or minimal performance deviation. Post the testing; Adobe released a paper to detail the test architecture and configurations as well as the results of the testing. The paper also offers the readers best solutions to configure the Acrobat Connect Pro 7.5 and VMware ESX Server. Along with the fact that these products work well when integrated and configured together, the tests also went on to show that the training and meeting scenarios of the 2 configurations were comparable. In both the test scenarios, the CPU usage was acceptable both in terms of performance limits and threshold limits with minimal latency. For more details on the test benchmarks, performance comparisons, installation requirements and other detailed test results, one can refer to the paper on the subject.

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