AIIM Industry Watch: Collaboration & Enterprise 2.0

Date Added: Jul 2009
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This paper aims at discussing collaboration for the purpose of research between AIIM and Enterprise 2.0. AIIM is a leading non - profit organization that has been functioning past 60 years. Its main focus is to help the users to comprehend the different complexities associated with organizing and managing content, documents, business processes and various records of an organization. It is a community that gives knowledge, research and excellent practices that that help business organizations to discover control and optimize the information. Currently AIIM is an international as well independent organization. It functions as an intermediary between ECM, vendors, channel and the users. Enterprise 2.0 was introduced in the year 2008 and has been profitable for the business organizations that have been using it. IT has helped the business organizations in maximizing the value of their business. Even though there are many social media tools in the market Enterprise 2.0 has growing rapidly. However many people lack proper understanding about Enterprise 2.0 is. Thus the purpose of the research of AIIM was to survey the popularity and the usage of enterprise 2.0 among the business men. This survey was conducted from May 11th to May 26th 2009 and a web based tool was utilized. Only selected members of the total of 65,000 members were invited to take the survey.