AIIM Industry Watch: Content Analytics

Date Added: Mar 2010
Format: PDF

This paper aims at providing one with information regarding the term content analytics. These two words have been coined to encompass a variety of search as well as reporting technologies. This will enable to provide synonymous standards of business intelligence and strategic value throughout the data that is unstructured as well as traditionally associated with data reporting that is structured. Very advanced search of the content throughout texts and also rich media file types which is in combination with the analysis of the trend as well as assessment of the content and reporting of the behavior. It has also led to the ways of creation of opportunities to keep a track as well as manage the digital assets and the unstructured content. With this new technology the awareness level regarding the technology as well as the naming of the new terminology can vary to a large extent which is usual. The AIIM has also been through the limitations which have been perceived by the users during the conventional search. One should also not that many saving could be acquired through the application of content analytics to many corporate houses for matters such as detection of fraud. It can also be utilized for protecting the assets of the organization as well as for research of health care and monitoring of the markets.