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Ajax and Partial-Page Refresh in Oracle ADF Rich Client

Date Added: Jul 2009
Format: HTML

Web 2.0 applications owe an important part of their rich behavior to their asynchronous communication with the server and their dynamic partial-page updates. The net effect of Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) and Partial-Page Refresh (PPR) is a responsive, dynamic, interactive, alive application that is both attractive and effective. Asynchronous interaction is nonblocking application-initiated activity and background communication between browser and server that is (largely) invisible to the end user. One of the downsides of Ajax and PPR in recent years has been the development challenge. Apart from often-complicated and hard-to-automate testing, it has usually been a messy affair to implement the rich functionality. With Oracle ADF Faces RC, implementing Ajax and PPR functionality has largely been raised to the level of declarative configuration and server-side programming, which means that it is an integral part of developing Web applications with Oracle ADF Faces RC components. This paper discusses the Prerequisites and Preparation pertains to Oracle ADF 11g and Oracle JDeveloper 11g, the production release currently available for download on Oracle Technology Network. Using Ajax and partial-page refresh is the way to Web 2.0 applications with attractive, dynamic, and responsive user interfaces. The PPR functionality in Oracle ADF Faces RC can easily be put to use for many cases. With a simple declarative setting, field value changes to be communicated to the server.