Alchemist: A Transparent Dependence Distance Profiling Infrastructure

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Executive Summary

This paper describes event-based software that provide new opportunities for automatic refactoring such as Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs), web applications, and network protocols. Techniques that allow refactoring of event-based software are: collecting user profiles at the event level then refactoring driven by the event level profiles, and dynamic refactoring or restructuring without access to (or need for) source code. The source of information required for refactoring can either be the developer's understanding of the code or can be obtained automatically using program analysis techniques or user profiles such as IBM's Eclipse. Most of the software today have a GUI front-end and up to 60% of the code in a software is dedicated to GUIs. This paper demonstrates the effectiveness of a technique on an important class of event-based software such as GUI applications. This paper discusses a GUI modeling technique that enables dynamic refactoring of GUIs to show that this technique is efficient, useful and practical.

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