An Efficient Bow-Based On-Demand QoS Routing Protocol for MIMO Ad Hoc Networks

Date Added: Jun 2009
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The Multiple Inputs Multiple Output (MIMO) architecture supports smart antennas and MIMO links is now a popular technique for exploiting the multi-path, spatial multiplexing, and diversity gain to provide high spectral efficiencies and performance improvement in wireless ad hoc networks. In this paper, the authors propose a new multi-path on demand Quality-of-Service (QoS) routing architecture, looked like a bow and called as bow structure, in MIMO ad hoc networks. A bow-based MIMO ad hoc networks routing protocol, named as BowQR, is also proposed to support QoS requirement and to improve the transmission efficiency. Each bow structure is composed of rate-links and/or range-links on demand to provide multi-path routing and satisfy the bandwidth requirement.