An Efficient MAC Protocol Based on Hybrid Superframe for Wireless Sensor Networks

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Executive Summary

Designing low energy consumption, high efficiency Media Access Control (MAC) protocols are one of the most important directions in wireless sensor networks (WSN). In this paper, the authors proposed a new contention reserve MAC protocol, named CRMAC, under the inspiration of IEEE 802.15.4's superframe structure. CRMAC is a MAC protocol suitable for intra-cluster WSN that combines the advantages of contention and schedule-based MAC protocols. They introduce the mechanism and super-frame structure of CRMAC in detail and verified the performance of this protocol through simulations. Their results show that CRMAC performs better than IEEE 802.15.4 in energy consumption, system delay and network throughput. CRMAC is especially suitable for short packet transmission under low load networks, which is the main situation in WSN.

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