An Evaluation of Per-Chip Non-uniform Frequency Scaling on Multicores

Concurrently running applications on multiprocessors may desire different CPU frequency/voltage settings in order to achieve performance, power, or thermal objectives. Today's multi-cores typically require that all sibling cores on a single chip run at the same frequency/voltage level while different CPU chips can have non-uniform settings. This paper targets multicore-based symmetric platforms and demonstrates the benefits of per-chip adaptive frequency scaling on multi-cores. Specifically, by grouping applications with similar frequency-to-performance effects, the authors create the opportunity for setting a chip-wide desirable frequency level. They run experiments with 12 SPECCPU2000 benchmarks and two server-style applications on a machine with two dual-core Intel "Woodcrest" processors.

Provided by: University of Rochester Topic: Data Centers Date Added: May 2010 Format: PDF

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