An Intelligent Web Browser Plug-In for Automatic Translation to Ajax Approach

Date Added: Jun 2009
Format: PDF

With all the data being available on your fingertips, websites have become the most vital and most accessible source of valuable information for learning and researching. Not just that, the internet has also become a growing platform for commercial activities such as net shopping and net auctions. However, the operability of web applications is less efficient on desktop applications (all the programs being installed to a user computer) as compared to being on the web browsers because they avoid the communication required with servers on other computers. This wait for calculations and responses from the other servers turn visible web pages into a white out page. This article proposes a new efficient web browser plug-in for Ajax (asynchronous JavaScript + XML) which will improve the operability of web applications similar to the desktop applications. Google maps is the most famous example of web application that avoids the white-out pages by using asynchronous communication with web servers. Because the benefits from Ajax are received only based upon the progress of modification of the current program codes of web applications, a new intelligent web browser plug-in based upon an asynchronous communication model is proposed through this article. This browser automatically translates JavaScript codes that communicate asynchronously with web servers. This can be taken further to improve the speed performance with the correctness of judging improving the whole updating.