An Interference-Aware Precoding Scheme With Other-Cell Interference for Downlink Multi-User MIMO Channel

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Executive Summary

The authors propose a linear pre-coding technique, called Multiuser Generalized Eigen-mode Transmission (MGET), based on the leakage-based pre-coding technique. A Signal-to-Leakage-plus-Noise Ratio (SLNR) pre-coding scheme is one approach for linear pre-coding in the multiple-input multiple-output broadcast channel that sends multiple data streams to different users in the same cell. Unfortunately, SLNR-based scheme neglects other-cell interference, which limits the performance of users at the edge of the cell. MGET addresses the shortcomings of previous SLNR-based beamformers by presenting an interference-aware enhancement to SLNR pre-coding scheme that uses a whitening filter for interference suppression at the receiver and a novel pre-coder using the interference-plus-noise covariance matrix for each user at the transmitter.

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