An Interference Suppression Scheme for MIMO-OSTBC System

Date Added: Nov 2009
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Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) technique is considered as a cost-effective and promising technique for the next generation wireless system. Orthogonal Space-Time Block Codes (OSTBC) scheme is one of the most important coding schemes for MIMO system. The performance of an MIMO system using OSTBC (MIMO-OSTBC), however, degrades significantly in presence of strong interferences. In this paper, an interference suppression scheme for MIMO-OSTBC system in strong interference scenario is presented. The proposed scheme is based on simplified Maximum Likelihood (ML) decoding and noise subspace projection. The scheme has the following advantages: realizing ML decoding of the OSTBC and greatly reducing searching calculations by simple linear processing; avoiding matrix-inversion computation needed in ordinary suppression schemes through noise subspace projection.