An Unobservable Secure Routing Protocol Against Wormhole and Black Hole Attacks in MANET

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Executive Summary

Mobile Ad-hoc NETwork (MANET) is a self-configuring infrastructure-less network of mobile devices. The sensitive information such as mobility behavior should be kept private from adversaries in wireless environments. Privacy-preserving routing is crucial for some ad-hoc networks that require stronger privacy protection say battle field. USOR is an Unobservable Secure On-demand Routing protocol for Mobile Ad-hoc NETwork that achieves unlinkability and unobservability by employing anonymous key establishment based on group signature. Each node only has to obtain a group signature signing key and an ID-based private key from an offline key server or by a key management scheme. Due to dynamic nature and lack of centralized control, the ad hoc networks are vulnerable to attacks.

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