Analysis of Routing Metrics for Offering IPTV Over WiMAX Using Fuzzy Logic

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Executive Summary

The quality of delivering IPTV services depends on the network QoS and bandwidth of broadband service providers. The possibility to offer high bandwidth capacity of WiMAX technology is attractive to offer IPTV services. There is an increasing trend to deploy WiMAX technology for offering those services. Network QoS for offering IPTV services depends on network efficiency. To satisfy QoS requirements for offering IPTV over WiMAX technology the authors should take into consideration routing metrics that affect directly to the QoS. Here, they will consider three metrics: bandwidth, losses and delays. For transmitting multimedia (in this case IPTV) services over WiMAX it is desired to design some controlling mechanisms for solving different problems in a network in case of packet delays, losses, etc.

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