Analysis of UE Outage Probability and Macrocellular Traffic Offloading for WCDMA Macro Network With Femto Overlay Under Closed and Open Access

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Executive Summary

Downlink coverage issues for macrocellular users (UEs) in a macrocellular network with Closed Subscriber Group (CSG) femto-cellular overlay have so far been investigated almost exclusively via simulation. However, consideration of specific scenarios via simulation may not provide general insights applicable to long-term planning for femto-macro deployments. In this paper, the authors employ general models for macro Node B and femto Access Point (AP) locations to derive analytical expressions for the probability that an arbitrary UE cannot be served a macro Node B because of interference on the downlink from a nearby femto AP under CSG, and for the probability that the UE is served by the femto AP instead, if the femto AP operates with Open Access (OA).

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