Analytical Study of the IEEE 802.11p MAC Sublayer in Vehicular Networks

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This paper proposes an analytical model for the throughput of the Enhanced Distributed Channel Access (EDCA) mechanism in the IEEE 802.11p Medium-Access Control (MAC) sub-layer. Features in EDCA such as different Contention Windows (CW) and Arbitration Inter-Frame Space (AIFS) for each Access Category (AC) and internal collisions are taken into account. The analytical model is suitable for both basic access and the Request-To-Send/Clear-To-Send (RTS/CTS) access mode. Different from most of existing 3-D or 4-D Markov-chain-based analytical models for IEEE 802.11e EDCA, without computation complexity, the proposed analytical model is explicitly solvable and applies to four access categories of traffic in the IEEE 802.11p.