Angle-of-Arrival-Assisted Relative Interferometric Localization Using Software Defined Radios

Date Added: Aug 2009
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In this work, the authors present SDR-ARI a Software Defined Radio (SDR) approach to an Angle-of-arrival-assisted Relative Interferometric (ARI) RADAR transceiver. It has a number of desirable attributes including the ability to reduce the synchronization, network, and hardware requirements when operating as the sole RADAR modality and its ability to augment existing pulsed and CW RADAR algorithms. While, ARI encoding was initially proposed in prior work, no implementation had been completed and only a pure hardware approach to the receiver was reported. The authors have developed and implemented a software-defined model in Matlab, and have designed, simulated, and implemented an SDR-ARI transceiver utilizing USRP hardware and gnuRadio software. The use of software-defined radio has allowed one to implement ARI in a timely manner.