Application Outsourcing for Manufacturing Companies

Date Added: May 2009
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Java Server Faces (JSF) is a Java based web application framework that is suitable to make things easier for the development and progress of user interfaces for enterprise Java applications. This web application utilizes JavaServer Pages for its display technology. This paper discusses JSF that provides web application lifecycle management through a controller servlet. It is based on other Java standards including Java Servlets and JavaServer Pages. This application is designed to offer a higher-level component layer for user-interface development. JSF talked about in this paper offers a natural counterpart to desktop UI toolkits including Swing that is used for web development. This paper also points out various benefits, features, and advantages of JavaServer Faces technology. J2EE is scalable and portable in various platforms that are supported by many vendors. JSF brings rapid user-interface development to server-side Java. It is considered as swing for server-side applications. This technology provides a rich design for managing component state, processing component data, validating user input, and handling events. This paper mentions and describes the extensive use of JSF and other open source technologies used for transforming J2EE web application. It is a detailed paper that provides information with reliable and accurate data and figures. This web application is also provided with internationalization and localization feature that can display the contents according to client's preferred location.