Applying NOX to the Datacenter

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It is evident today that internet datacenters have brought about a revolution in computing power and have attained supremacy in handling data-intensive computational tasks. Being the challenging field that it is, a number of studies and new network designs are being explored and deployed by researchers to find out if the datacenter networks that were designed to provide an isolated setting would work with general approach setting in networking. This paper studies how Networking Operating System (NOX), which is the latest development in this field and runs on general-purpose approach in networking, provides basic datacenter functionalities and other additional capabilities.NOX is a flexible and scalable platform built for advanced network management functionality. It works with general approach setting and provides logically centralized access to high-level network abstractions such as users, topology, and services, and exerts control over the network by installing flow entries in switch forwarding tables. In addition, it also offers operators a choice of several points in the datacenter design spectrum rather than forcing them to stick to one specific solution. Enterprise network management systems built on NOX have been in use for over a year and have served extremely well in networking. The main aim of these management systems is to provide network control that is flexible enough to meet a wide range of needs.