Applying the Object-Oriented Philosophy to Content Management and Web Development

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Object-Oriented Philosophy (OOP) takes into consideration individual units as separate that are capable of receiving messages, processing data, and sending messages to other objects. This paper tries to observe the dominance of applying OOP to content management and web development. This approach believes that a computer comprises different objects. OOP identifies that a computer program is not a group of isolated units, but there are meanings and relationships between those units and once the computer is given a list of actions, it becomes a program. Each of those units is capable of performing individual functions. The major advantage OOP has over linear programming is that one doesn't have to make changes manually once new objects are added or changes made. It gets done automatically. The paper examines the capabilities of the SR2 web developed by Refresh Software and how it helps to expand the business productivity of a company by managing, developing and publishing data for the web. The Content Management System (CMS) arena is a not a simple thing and that why an SR2 CMS would perfectly fine with not just your browser as well, but they are also capable to re-purpose content from multiple documents. The importance of abstracting the content layer from a website is emphasized and how it can be used for press releases and websites. This abstraction process is worked in conjunction with the content developers and the web developers.