Architecture to Integrate Multiple PONs With Long Reach DWDM Backhaul

Date Added: Feb 2009
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This paper demonstrates the feasibility of an architecture that consolidates a number of deployed Passive Optical Network (PON) infrastructures into a long-reach, high-split ratio system which further increases equipment sharing between users. The demonstrated system allows the use of uncooled lasers with possible wavelength drift across a CWDM band (20 nm) with optical amplification and narrow optical filtering with no performance degradation. A complete study of potential implementations was performed with experimental results showing that a target performance of 10?10 could be achieved over 120 km of standard fiber with transmitter wavelengths from 1542 to 1558 nm and DWDM backhaul wavelengths from 1520 to 1535 nm. This gives the potential to support up to 2560 users.