Are Your Videoconferencing Systems Under Performing?: How You Can Turn Them Around?

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Videoconferencing Systems serve as the backbone of any industry, be it a business enterprise or education sector. It helps cutting down the travel cost, saves money and time and helps unite people dedicated to a common cause regardless of their location. There are several advantages and disadvantages in utilizing the VC systems - the major disadvantage being cutting down of business trips. Simple issues and important timely meetings are executed through the videoconferencing facilities. This turns out to be a barrier for people who are actually looking forward to meet and interact with people in real. But that is not the only reason for under-performance of VC systems. One thing that deters people from using this facility is the lack of good quality video. Most of the time, the staff at different organizations are ill-equipped to use the VC systems to its full advantage. The bandwidth problems also contribute to lesser usage of VC facilities, often the higher the bandwidth, the better the signal quality, but it leads to increased production cost. This paper explores all the reasons behind this supported by recommendations on how to improve VC usage. Videoconferencing usage will only work towards the betterment of business productivity, but sometimes because of lack of proper knowledge and advertising facilities, the staff is unable to use it to its full advantage. This paper will serve as a useful guide for those companies that are looking to improve their VC facilities and make optimum use of it.