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Asymmetry Balancing for Channel Asymmetry Support in OFDMA-TDD Cellular Networks

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Executive Summary

This paper proposes a novel approach to interference avoidance via inter-cell relaying in cellular OFDMA-TDD (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access - Time Division Duplex) systems. The proposed scheme, termed asymmetry balancing, is targeted towards next-generation cellular wireless systems which are envisaged to have ad hoc and multi-hop capabilities. Asymmetry balancing resolves the detrimental Base Station (BS)-to-BS interference problem inherent to TDD networks by synchronizing the TDD Switching Points (SPs) across cells. In order to maintain the flexibility of TDD in serving the asymmetry demands of individual cells, inter-cell relaying is employed. It is demonstrated that asymmetry balancing offers great flexibility in UpLink (UL)- DownLink (DL) resource allocation.

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