Asymptotic Spectral Distribution of Crosscorrelation Matrix in Asynchronous CDMA

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Executive Summary

Asymptotic Spectral Distribution (ASD) of the crosscorrelation matrix is investigated for a random spreading short/long-code asynchronous Direct Sequence-Code Division Multiple Access (DS-CDMA) system. The discrete-time decision statistics are obtained as the output samples of a bank of symbol matched filters of all users. The crosscorrelation matrix is studied when the number of symbols transmitted by each user tends to infinity. Two levels of asynchronism are considered. One is symbol-asynchronous but chip-synchronous, and the other is chip-asynchronous. The existence of a nonrandom ASD is proved by moment convergence theorem, where the focus is on the derivation of Asymptotic Eigenvalue Moments (AEM) of the crosscorrelation matrix. A combinatorics approach based on noncrossing partition of set partition theory is adopted for AEM computation.

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