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AutoVue Enterprise Visualization: Providing a Foundation for Viewing, Markup and Real-Time Collaboration

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Executive Summary

In today's world of digital enterprises, industries all over the world create and use digital files and data using different types of application and platforms. This paper aims to discuss how disconnected data needs to be integrated across all applications and platforms. The purpose of this activity is to increase the productivity and profitability that is inevitably reduced in such disconnected scenarios. It discusses in short how the Product Lifecycle Management and Enterprise Resource Planning tools are used for a comprehensive infrastructure. Further, it talks about how Oracle's AutoVue solutions can be used as a multi-format visualization solution that can break all barriers amongst engineering, marketing, sales and manufacturing sectors. The solutions enable users to access any digital data and information across any system, thus achieving true enterprise visualization and project success. The industry challenges and how the Oracle Solution overcomes them are discussed in details. The AutoVue family with its product details is also listed here. With its suite of products and various deployment options, but a common single interface, this paper describes how AutoVue can act as a front-end for all kinds of document visualization and collaboration. This is done irrespective of the native application format of the document and however the user accesses it or the document location. With all its features and unique tools, AutoVue fulfills diverse requirements and is a definite choice for an across-the-enterprise deployment.

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