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Backup and Recovery: Accelerating Efficiency and Driving Down IT Costs Using Data Duplication

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The demand for data duplication in midsize and enterprise environments is increasing. Firms are seeking ways to increase the growing storage space. This growth is fuelled by new applications. This paper looks at some approaches that will help in deduplication for back up data and outline processes. It also discusses some ideal solutions for the same. It brings to the table EMC's portfolio and also discusses efficiency of optimal backup and cost effectiveness. The benefits of deduplication include cost effectiveness, backup recovery and service levels, changes tape to disk structure and also reduce the carbon footprint. Deduplication starts form the source. Performing it at the source is beneficial as less data is transferred from the source data to repository and removes congestion of the LAN/WAN links. EMC offers a broad range of back up and recovery products. EMC Avamar, Data Domain, deduplication storage systems and other third party target systems. The Networker application also does deduplication. It is a single agent and has no side client cost. Deduplication is not a standalone product EMC has to educate the users and potential buyers of the products. This also means they have to keep the client's environmental challenges in mind before suggesting solutions as this paper has focused on. With various case studies it is a bench mark that can help customers to use it with confidence.