Data Management

Backup Basics

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Executive Summary

Backup is essential and it is very important that it is done regularly to prevent any kind of data loss. Data loss can happen in many different ways. The hard drive might go bad. There can be a virus that corrupts Windows (or OS X, yes Macs get malware) so badly that there is a need to reformat and reinstall the operating system. Many people use the backup utilities that come with their operating systems. If it is used Apple's Leopard OS, one can use Time Machine to automatically back up the data. If one uses one of the business versions of Vista, one can use Windows Backup and Recovery utility. The last option is to get a third party backup utility to use on a computer. There are some free ones out there (such as Carbon Copy Cloner for the Mac) in addition to payware solutions. If the computer with at least two hard drives, this is the first location option one has for backing up the data. Backing up to an external hard drive (or thumb drive) is another location option for backing up data. The last location option is on a server. If there is a home server, it can be used it to back up files. Otherwise one can opt for service on payment structure.

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