Backup in a Data Driven World: Affordable Backup Options for Home and SMB

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Traditional ways of keeping one's data safe and secure, i.e. manually copying an external hard drive is a thing of the past. In addition, it also runs the risk of drive failure. Automatic, redundant backup keeps documents, photos, critical business data, and all other files safe from drive failure and frees the user from manual backups. This is what is being discussed in this paper. Whether, it is a home computer system or a system administration with full office, backup is something that is needed for every computer user. Many new alternatives for backup have been proposed recently. One of the affordable and convenient automated backup systems available in the market is Network-Attached Storage (NAS). NAS is a self-contained computer on a network which functions similarly to a server. It is preferred by small and medium sized businesses as it fills a void between direct-attached storage and enterprise-level servers. NAS devices are extremely popular among users as these are designed to adapt to users' preferences, NAS like Synology Disk Stations support multiple platforms simultaneously providing Mac, PC, and Linux computers to access and reap the benefit if network-attached storage. Some of the benefits of using NAS like Synology Disk Stations are that it offers are automated backup solutions, file serving capability, media streaming, remote access, and much more to both home users and in business environments.