Beamforming for the Underlay Cognitive MISO Interference Channel Via UL-DL Duality

SINR duality is shown in a Multi-Input Single-Output (MISO) DownLink (DL) InterFerence Channel (IFC) and its UpLink (UL) Single-Input Multi-Output (SIMO) dual with linear Transmit (Tx) BeamFormers (BF). While UL-DL duality under the sum power constraint is well-established between the Broadcast Channel (BC) for the SINR balancing (max min SINR) beamforming problem and its (easier to solve) UL Multiple-Access Channels (MAC) dual channel, such duality does not at first seem relevant for the IFC. They show that SINR duality under the sum power constraint nevertheless holds in the MISO IFC leading to BF design through similar considerations as the BC-MAC case.

Provided by: EURECOM Topic: Mobility Date Added: Sep 2010 Format: PDF

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