BenchLab: Benchmarking With Real Web Applications and Web Browsers

Popular benchmarks such as TPC-W and RUBiS that are commonly used for evaluation by the systems community are no longer representative of modern Web applications. Many of these benchmarks lack the features such as JavaScript and AJAX that are essential to real Web 2.0 applications. Further, traditional benchmarks rely on browser emulators that mimic the basic network functionality of real web browsers but cannot emulate their more complex interactions. Rather than proposing a new benchmark with a web application and browser emulators that try to approximate real applications, the authors propose to use real browsers with real applications and datasets. They have rebuilt the Wikipedia software stack with multiple real datasets (Wikibooks, Wikipedia in different languages) and collected real traces from the Wikimedia foundation.

Provided by: University of Massachusetts Topic: Software Date Added: Mar 2011 Format: PDF

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