Best Practices for Deploying Citrix XenApp on XenServer on HP ProLiant Servers

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Executive Summary

Since the first hypervisor came on the market, businesses have been challenged to consolidate underutilized servers on to a single physical machine. While early results were disappointing, resulting in large performance penalties due to virtualization overhead, there have been significant advances in technology. Today's AMD Opteron and Intel Xeon processors provide on-chip instructions to handle direct hardware calls from the hypervisor, minimizing the associated overhead. As a result, the scalability of Virtual Machines (VMs) is much improved. This paper explores a number of options for using Citrix XenServer to consolidate 32-bit workloads on both x86 and x64 Microsoft Windows platforms, with emphasis on best practices, tuning, and tips for a Server Based Computing (SBC) environment.

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