Best Practices Guide for Deploying SpectraLink 8020/8030 Wireless Telephones

Date Added: Jul 2009
Format: PDF

Wi-Fi telephony, also known as Voice over Wireless LAN (VoWLAN), delivers the capabilities and functionality of the enterprise telephone system in a mobile handset. The Wi-Fi handset is a WLAN client device, sharing the same wireless network as laptops and PDAs. For enterprise use, the handset is functionally equivalent to a wired desk phone, giving end-users all the features they are used to having in a wired office telephone. The benefits of VoWLAN can result in substantial cost savings over other wireless technologies by leveraging the Wi-Fi infrastructure and by eliminating recurring charges associated with the use of public cellular networks. For end users, VoWLAN can significantly improve employee mobility, resulting in increased responsiveness and productivity.