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Best Practices: Symantec Backup Exec 12.5 and ExaGrid Disk-based Backup with Data Deduplication

Date Added: Apr 2009
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IT organizations are severely strained by the continuous increase in data and with the equal increase in system availability requirements. The IT organizations are now hard pressed to provide data protection but at the very same their backup windows have considerably shrunk. However, the problem has been solved to a certain extent by the emergence of low cost technology for this purpose. The new technological innovations are technically viable and at the same time are economical too. It's important to understand the various problems faced by organizations for safeguarding their data. This paper studies a range of solutions available to make a case for Symantec Backup Exec and ExaGrid. ExaGrid is an economical and scalable backup solution. It is disk based and works with Symantec Backup Exec. It provides 2x data compression and comes with high quality SATA drives. ExaGrid also offers 20-1 data reduction which ensures fast and consistent restores and backups. The paper also enumerates the major advantages of backup to disk functionality. It also studies the use of technology in solving data-protection issues faced earlier. Ultimately, the paper gives an outline of disk based solutions and their benefits.