Biometrics for Global Web Authentication: an Open Source Java/J2EE-Based Approach

Date Added: Jan 2010
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This paper aims to enlighten one with the biometrics for global web authentication that which an Open Source Java/J2EE based approach. Web applications have been used as mailers, for forums, various agendas and much more. These all fall under the application based networks that have now spread far and wide. When a user comes online, they need to use some kid of user authentication to make use of certain things or applications on the web. For example, user authentication would be required for applications like webmail or while accessing some e-books or e-learning programmes. Therefore, in simple words, the user might have to sign up for these to make use of them effectively. However, many find this a time consuming task and therefore, a more user friendly approach is required for such applications. This forms the basis for all 'Sigh-in' applications. This will help keep the hackers at bay who look for stolen passwords or some point of information that they can use and then access the data. So when identity verification is placed, the hacker will not be able to get through and the data will remain safe. Therefore, many such user friendly applications have been created for users to help save them from identity theft.