Block-Orthogonal Space-Time Code Structure and Its Impact on QRDM Decoding Complexity Reduction

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Full-rate Space Time Codes (STC) with rate = number of transmit antennas have high multiplexing gain, but high decoding complexity even when decoded using reduced-complexity decoders such as sphere or QRDM decoders. In this paper, the authors introduce a new code property of STC called block-orthogonal property, which can be exploited by QR-decomposition-based decoders to achieve significant decoding complexity reduction without performance loss. They show that such complexity reduction principle can benefit the existing algebraic codes such as Perfect and DjABBA codes due to their inherent (but previously undiscovered) block-orthogonal property. In addition, they construct and optimize new full-rate BOSTC (Block-Orthogonal STC) that further maximize the QRDM complexity reduction potential.