Blocking of Mischievous Users in Anonymizing Networks Using Nymble System

Date Added: Jul 2012
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There are some networks called "Anonymizing networks" which allow users to gain access to internet services without revealing their identity (IP-addresses) to the servers. Networks such as "Tor (The Onion Router)","Crowds" and "I2P" gained popularity in the years 2002-2007, but the success of such networks however has been limited by users employing this anonymity for abusive purposes such as defacing popular websites such as "Wikipedia". Website Administrators blocks entire network which is connected to the abusive system to get rid of the abuser. Hence, well-behaved users also get blocked due to this action. To address this problem, the authors present a Nymble system in which servers can "Blacklist" mischievous users without affecting good users and also maintaining anonymity across the network.