Border Security, Technology and the Stockholm Programme

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The notion of writing this paper is to provide information about the Stockholm programme with its main focus on the technology involved in the perspective of European Union's security policies. It discusses computerized systems of information exchange and data processing that are defined in terms of main concern and point of view of security professionals. This paper is aimed to create impression and focus on issues that are related to technology and border security. It reproduces a support of previous tendencies of Commission's 2008 border package and of the 2008 Future Group final report. This paper talks about increase in the number of computer systems of information exchange and processing with regard to the question of proportionality. It discusses in details the technology and security in the Stockholm programme and also gives information on border security and the technology involved. A list of recommendations with information is also given in this paper. This paper aims to establish an EU Information Management Strategy. It lays importance on citizen's freedoms and rights and also on the protection of their privacy and personal data. This paper clearly inclines towards the support of the dependence on technology within the context of EU security policies. All issues related to technology and border security are discussed in details in this paper.