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BPO Methodology

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This paper Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) talks about a holistic approach by RSB Systems on BPO that evaluates business processes and seeks methods to improve them without actually digging a deep hole in terms of cost or profit to the organisation. The aim is to bring about improvements in every area of performance in terms of cost and time efficiency, quality control and service at various levels of the organisation. RSB Systems has developed customized Business Process Reengineering (BPR), a systematic and structured procedure that changes the fundamental thinking of the organisation and leads to a whole new direction of better opportunities. No compromises are made on quality of the products and services as they are regularly measured through a quality control system. But to keep the system absolutely foolproof, regular quality assurance checks are conducted by third party ISO certified executives. Business process reengineering and quality Assurance systems would not be complete without benchmarking and evaluating the organisation within the industry. This process has been explained in the simplest manner. The paper helps to understand how to bring a structured change in all the business processes and bring about improvements at all levels for enhanced performance of employees. The role of each employee is defined with precision that makes the work simple to follow, leaving little scope for mistakes. This approach works towards the betterment of employees and the organisation.