BS2000/OSD - The Successful Mainframe Platform in Data Center

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Executive Summary

Mainframe architecture plays a decisive role in software configuration. The BS2000/OSD business servers are a highly competitive and innovative server platform that meets the highest requirements of cost efficiency, flexibility and reliability. This paper focuses on how BS2000/OSD mainframes can contribute towards implementing the optimal solution for IT solution technologies. Fujitsu supports such solutions that are tailored to the particular situation of a company by providing a modular and comprehensive service concept for the IT operations in a company. Integration Services from Fujitsu comprise adaptive solution components for all requirements. Mainframes have already had a long history, in which they have been confronted by many alternative architecture concepts and new technologies. New concepts and technologies have in the course of time been adapted by the mainframes. With its business servers BS2000/OSD covers a broad-based range of services and provides - together with the comprehensive system software - an entire IT infrastructure for the optimal running of business-critical applications. They can be managed with considerably less administration costs than standard platforms. BS2000/OSD systems optimize themselves and automatically adapt themselves to changing loads so that manual intervention is superfluous. There is no best platform for everything. However, for each specific task there is always a platform that best suits the task. The positive effects of BS2000/OSD mainframe systems compensate for high costs.

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