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Build your ITIL configuration management system using scope, span, and granularity

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Executive Summary

Effective configuration management requires you to capture and track data in your IT environment -- but how do you decide which data to include? This chapter from Implementing ITIL Configuration Management provides a detailed, jargon-free look at how to determine what data should go in your configuration management database (CMDB).

Viewing your IT environment in terms of scope (categories of objects and their relationships), span (the groups within each object), and granularity (the attributes you'll include for each object) will enable you to develop a CMDB schema that meets your organization's requirements.

Title: Implementing ITIL Configuration Management
Author: Larry Klosterboer
Chapter 3: "Determining Scope, Span, and Granularity"
ISBN-13: 978-0-13-242593-3; copyright 2008 by IBM Press. Used with permission of the publisher. For more information, please visit InformIT.

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