Building Customizable Applications Using Oracle Metadata Services

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Desktop application users are accustomed to being able to set and save their personal application preferences. This article shows how to configure your Oracle ADF application to allow end user customizations and how to run and test the customizable application in the development environment. Building customizability into a new application can require a lot of development time; developers need to build a framework for storing personalization in a datastore, capturing and saving user changes to such a datastore and applying the personalization at runtime for a specific user. Oracle E-Business Suite Releases 11i and 12 used a precursor of Oracle MDS to allow users to personalize their self-service applications, and to allow application administrators to customize aspects of the application for specific groups of users. Oracle Metadata Services (MDS) are the services created by Oracle for personalization and customization and integrated them with Oracle ADF. Oracle MDS stores customization and personalization information in a repository. The repository can either be stored in a database or in a file-based store. The paper also mentions several steps for an Oracle ADF Faces application to allow end users to customize the application at runtime. It will also show how to enable and configure end-user customization persistence for Oracle ADF Faces applications and how to test such applications in the integrated Oracle WebLogic Server.