Business Benefits of Policy Based Data De-Duplication

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Executive Summary

Organizations of all sizes are faced with the demands of storing more data, including multiple copies of the same or similar data, for longer periods of time. The result is an expanding data footprint that results in increased IT resource management costs to support and sustain given levels of application and information Quality of Service (QoS) delivery.

An approach to providing relief from the pressures, costs and complexities associated with managing data protection for an expanding data footprint including reducing the amount of data transmitted over wide area network (WAN) links is data de-duplication (de-dupe).

Data de-dupe reduces the impact of expanding data footprints by optimizing storage and network bandwidth capacity used to store protected data, enabling improved utilization and more information to be processed in a given time frame.

Read this StorageIO analyst paper from EMC to see how policy-based de-duplication can help boost your storage utilization rates while improving application performance.

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