Business Continuity

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Executive Summary

Whether your company does business exclusively or primarily in a web-based environment, or still operates primarily using a traditional batch approach, undoubtedly your most critical information is held on storage systems. Customer records, sales transactions, marketing campaigns, employee records, intellectual property... all this data and other types of information reside in a digital format. And when disaster hits, the impact on your organization can be nothing short of catastrophic.

Virtually every midsize and large organization is likely to have at least some kind of plan to ensure the ability to recover and restore the key data necessary to continue business operations after an outage. But not every company is as vigilant as it should be in evaluating, refreshing or overhauling its approach as business conditions change. If you don't have confidence that your current business continuity plan will effectively recover and restore critical data after a service interruption, you need to update your storage management solutions as an essential first step. For obvious reasons, your company can't afford to be offline for very long, because every minute your systems are unavailable you're losing money and putting your company at risk.

This white paper explains some of the storage technology options available to you when you are planning to strengthen your business continuity solution. In particular, this report is designed to help expand your understanding of the critical role that storage management software plays in helping you withstand and recover from a systems outage.

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