Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence Technologies : Recent Developments and Future Trends

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Executive Summary

An overview is provided in this paper of the most important and recent developments plus the major future trends in academic research and software market for Business Intelligence (BI) technologies. Firstly, hot research topics and areas are examined in the BI domain that were revealed by papers and articles published in academic journals and magazines with a focus on different approaches currently used to solve various types of problems specific to BI domain. Secondly, software packages of the BI industry were examined keeping in mind popular software applications that were used by companies and business analysts to make better business decisions. Finally, the major technologies that impact both BI research and BI industry were examined, the primary focus being future trends in BI technologies in 2009 and beyond. Based on the findings, the BI research and BI industry in China will be compared with those outside of China. The result of the paper was the Top 10 Research Areas in BI Domain, Top 10 Software Packages in BI Industry and the Top 10 Future Trends in BI Technologies. The paper serves the dual purpose of discussing recent developments in BI research and industry but also updates on the future trends that will enable businesses to better prepare for new challenges of BI technologies.

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